The Boys (TV Series)

The Boys is superhero television series developed by Eric Kripke for the streaming service Amazon Prime Video.

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‘The Boys’ Cast and Character Guide

  • Karl Urban as William “Billy” Butcher – The leader of the Boys and a former SAS operative who distrusts all Supes. He has a particular hatred towards Homelander, who he believes is responsible for the disappearance of his wife. In the third season, Luca Villacis and Josh Zaharia portray teenaged and young Butcher, respectively.
  • Jack Quaid as Hugh “Hughie” Campbell Jr. – A civilian tech specialist who joins the Boys after his girlfriend Robin is killed by A-Train.
  • Antony Starr as John / Homelander – The leader of the Seven and the strongest superhero in the world. Beneath his public image as a noble hero, he is egotistical, megalomaniacal, and cares little about the well-being of those he professes to protect. In the third season, it is revealed that he is the biological son of Soldier Boy. Starr also portrays Doppelgänger acting as Homelander in the second season.
  • Erin Moriarty as Annie January / Starlight – A Christian superhero with light-based powers and a member of the Seven. One of the few Supes sincere about helping and saving innocent people with her abilities, she questions her loyalty to the Seven after learning of their true character. Maya Misaljevic appears as young Starlight in season 3.
  • Dominique McElligott as Maggie Shaw / Queen Maeve – A veteran member of the Seven with superhuman strength and durability. Although she once wanted to protect innocent lives like Starlight does, she has become disillusioned by the corruption of Supe society and suffers from burnout.
  • Jessie T. Usher as Reggie Franklin / A-Train – A speedster member of the Seven. A-Train is obsessed with maintaining his status as the fastest speedster in the world, resulting in him becoming addicted to Compound V.
  • Laz Alonso as Marvin T. “Mother’s” Milk / MM – the second-in-command of the Boys who is responsible for organizing and planning their operations. Formerly a medic in the United States Marine Corps, he joined the Boys after his father, who was an attorney, worked himself to death while attempting to bring down Vought through the legal system. Elias Leon Leacock appears as young Marvin in season 3.
  • Chace Crawford as Kevin Moskowitz / The Deep – A member of the Seven who possesses the ability to communicate with aquatic life and breathe underwater. He is looked down upon by the other members of the Seven due to his status as the group’s token aquatic hero. Patton Oswalt voices his gills.
  • Tomer Capone as Sergei “Serge” / Frenchie – A French member of the Boys and an international arms trafficker skilled in munitions, ordnance, infiltration, and communications. Coerced into joining the group by Mallory to protect his criminal friends, he seeks redemption for his past crimes by fighting against Vought.
  • Karen Fukuhara as Kimiko Miyashiro / The Female – A mute member of the Boys with super strength and regenerative healing who speaks through sign language. Involuntarily injected with Compound V as part of Homelander’s scheme to create superpowered terrorists, she joins the Boys after they rescue her.
  • Nathan Mitchell as Earving / Black Noir – A silent member of the Seven who possesses superhuman strength and agility and conceals his physical appearance behind a dark costume. Fritzy-Klevans Destine portrays a young Black Noir in season three, which revealed that he became mute and disfigured after he was brutally beaten by Soldier Boy while working with Payback.
  • Elisabeth Shue as Madelyn Stillwell (season 1; special guest season 2) – The charismatic, scheming Vice President of Hero Management at Vought International. Shue also portrays Doppelgänger acting as Stillwell in the second season.
  • Colby Minifie as Ashley Barrett (season 2–present; recurring season 1) – A publicist for Vought International who later succeeds Stillwell.
  • Aya Cash as Klara Risinger / Liberty / Stormfront (season 2; special guest season 3) – The first Supe ever created and a new member of the Seven with several powers, including longevity and the ability to discharge lightning from her hands. A former Nazi, she has been alive for about 100 years and holds bigoted views towards minorities and non-Supes.
  • Claudia Doumit as Victoria “Vic” Neuman / Nadia (season 3; recurring season 2) – A congresswoman who publicly opposes Vought, but who is secretly a Supe who uses her psychic powers to assassinate the corporation’s enemies on behalf of her adoptive father Stan Edgar. Elisa Paszt portrays young Nadia.
  • Jensen Ackles as Ben / Soldier Boy (season 3) – A legendary Supe with superhuman strength and speed who was orignally thought to be killed by the Russians during the Cold War. However, he was actually betrayed by Black Noir and Crimson Countess to the Russians and had been held captive by them for decades. It is revealed that he is Homelander’s biological father.

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