P-Valley (TV Series)

P-Valley is 2019 drama television series created by Katori Hall. The series is an adaptation of Hall’s play Pussy Valley, and follows several people who work at a strip club in the Mississippi Delta.

‘P-Valley’ Cast and Characters


  • Brandee Evans as Mercedes Woodbine, a tough veteran stripper planning to leave The Pynk to open a dance gym
  • Nicco Annan as Uncle Clifford Sayles, the non-binary owner and proprietor of The Pynk experiencing financial problems that threaten the club’s survival
  • Shannon Thornton as Keyshawn Harris / Miss Mississippi, a dancer and rapper experiencing abuse by her boyfriend, Derrick
  • Elarica Johnson as Hailey Colton / Autumn Night, a new dancer who moves to Chucalissa after surviving a hurricane
  • Skyler Joy as Gidget, a dancer at The Pynk
  • J. Alphonse Nicholson as LaMarques / Lil Murda, an aspiring rapper and Uncle Clifford’s love interest
  • Parker Sawyers as Andre Watkins, an associate at a commercial investment company trying to secure land for The Promised Land Casino and Resort
  • Harriett D. Foy as Patrice Woodbine, a devout Christian and Mercedes’ mother
  • Dan J. Johnson as Corbin Kyle, the co-owner of a valuable piece of land sought for purchase, and the biracial half-brother of Wayne and Wyatt
  • Tyler Lepley as Diamond (season 1; recurring season 2), The Pynk’s bouncer and an Iraq War veteran
  • Morocco Omari as Big L (season 2; recurring season 1), an employee at The Pynk and Uncle Clifford’s trusted advisor and righthand man
  • Dominic DeVore as Duffy (season 2; recurring season 1), Gidget’s love interest
  • Jordan M. Cox as Derrick Wright (season 2; recurring season 1), Keyshawn’s abusive boyfriend
  • Psalms Salazar as Whisper (season 2), a new dancer at The Pynk


  • Isaiah Washington as Mayor Tydell Ruffin (season 1; guest season 2), Chucalissa’s mayor who is determined to bring economic development to the city
  • Brandon Gilpin as DJ Neva Scared, the teenage DJ of The Pynk
  • Ricco Ross as Pastor R. J. Gilfield
  • Loretta Devine as Earnestine Sayles, Uncle Clifford’s grandmother
  • Thomas Q. Jones as Mane
  • Josh Ventura as Wayne Kyle, the son of a prominent businessman and co-owner of a cotton plantation. He is the brother of Wyatt and half-brother of Corbin.
  • Donny Boaz as Wyatt Kyle, the son of a prominent businessman and co-owner of a cotton plantation. He is the brother of Wayne and half-brother of Corbin.
  • Cranston Johnson as Montavius, Hailey’s abusive ex-boyfriend
  • Bertram Williams Jr. as Woddy, Lil Murda’s manager
  • Blue Kimble as Rome
  • Gail Bean as Roulette, a new dancer at The Pynk (season 2)
  • John Clarence Stewart as Thaddeus Wilks / Big Teak (season 2), a member of Lil Murda’s gang the Hurt Village Hustlas, recently released from prison on parole 
  • Shamika Cotton as Farrah (season 2), the wife of Mercedes’ frequent client, Coach 
  • Miracle Watts as Big Bone (season 2), The Pynk’s new bartender


‘P-Valley’ Character Guide

Uncle Clifford (Nicco Annan)

Uncle Clifford (Nicco Annan)
Uncle Clifford (Nicco Annan)

Sharp-tongued, wise, and always serving us with a side of extra-extra, she runs the finest shake junt in the Dirty Delta. She is a gender-fluid hustler with a heart of gold-plating, masculine and feminine in equal measure. She doesn’t just make the rules—she enforces them with a set of perfectly manicured talons. Armed with little but her razor-sharp wit and a face beat for the awds, she’ll stop at nothing to protect her Pynk framily. But with her club saved, her throne in peril, and her heart broken, this bawse bitch now finds herself ontemplating what all she wants out of life.

Autumn Night/LaKiesha Savage (Elarica Johnson)

Autumn Night (Elarica Johnson)
Autumn Night (Elarica Johnson)

The bad and bougie femme fatale who washed up on the shores of The Pynk and rose from ‘New Girl’ to ‘New Owner.’ After months on the run from her tragic past, she narrowly avoided death at the hands of her not-so-dead ex, thanks to her new Pynk framily. Always better at leaving than staying, Autumn now finds herself bound to Chucalissa by ties both emotional and physical. Ever the businesswoman, Autumn must keep the Pynk afloat during a raging pandemic while folks connected to the potential casino development circle the property like sharks looking for blood.

Mercedes (Brandee Evans)

Mercedes (Brandee Evans)
Mercedes (Brandee Evans)

Fierce, ambitious, a true boss. After a long reign as the queen of the Pynk, this enterprising hustler found her retirement plans derailed by her prostitute-turned-pastor mother. Though she fears she’s past her prime, this OG continues to carry the club on that famed, A1 booty through uncertain times. Don’t ask her about a dream deferred, though. Determined to gain custody of the daughter she had at 15, Mercedes still strives toward opening a gym for her adolescent dance troupe. As the world both inside and outside the club changes rapidly, Mercedes—like all great headliners—must reinvent herself once more.

Keyshawn/Miss. Mississippi (Shannon Thornton)

Keyshawn ‘Miss Mississippi’ (Shannon Thornton)
Keyshawn ‘Miss Mississippi’ (Shannon Thornton)

An idealist caught in a bad romance, this young mother is a Chocolate Venus dropped down in the Delta. After going viral and linking up with a hot-shot manager, her goal of becoming Instafamous–like Cardi and Black Chyna before her–has suddenly become achievable. While her fame grows, the pandemic has shrunk her world to the confines of the duplex she shares with her abusive boyfriend and their two kids. When opportunity comes knocking, ever-savvy Keyshawn decides to break free from her cage and soar.

Lil’ Murda (J. Alphonse Nicholson)

Lil Murda (J. Alphonse Nicholson)
Lil Murda (J. Alphonse Nicholson)

The trapper rapper who grew from a perpetrator in search of a sound into a skreet griot on the rise in the Delta and beyond. In his coming of age at The Pynk he found and ultimately lost love due to his inability to openly embrace his sexuality. Ready to take his career to the next level, this Mis’Sip boy embarks on an odyssey throughout the South. But truth, he learns, has a way of finding you out in the world.

Andre Watkins (Parker Sawyers)

Andre Watkins (Parker Sawyers)
Andre Watkins (Parker Sawyers)

A Morehouse man through and through, this former Chucalissa son returned home to secure the future of Promised Land’s casino development. Caught between his work obligations and his feelings for Autumn Night, Andre ultimately listened to his heart. A decision he’s had plenty of time to regret before tragedy calls him away from his unhappily-married existence in Atlanta and back to Chucalissa. In reconnecting with his past, Andre finds inspiration to reimagine his future.

Patrice Woodbine (Harriett D. Foy)

A pimpstress with a pulpit and the muva of Mercedes. She’s a larger-than-life preacher who can squeeze an offering from the homeless and have an entire congregation speaking in tongues. Sanctimonious and hypocritical, she judges Mercedes’ profession of choice, but ultimately bought her church with the stolen profits of her daughter’s dancing. Having broken free from the patriarchal structure endemic to Southern churches, Woodbine is blazing her own path which happens to collide with that gatgum casino development.

Corbin Kyle (Dan J. Johnson)

The illegitimate child of the late, rich Johnny Kyle and his maid. He’s always been an outsider caught between the black and white worlds. He’s hoping the new casino will finally bring him the power and respect he craves. He’ll risk everything, even his closest friendship, to ensure the success of the development.

Roulette (Gail Bean)

A feisty wild child who truly lives up to her name—she’s taking major risks and breaking allllll of Uncle Clifford’s rules. Like fire, she’s dangerous, unpredictable, and uncontrollable—but dazzling to watch. On and off the pole, she’s turning the Pynk upside down.

Whisper (Psalms Salazar)

An enigmatic free spirit with a spooky streak who speaks in riddles and eerie truths. She’s blessed with a direct line to the universe and sight beyond the earthly realm. The air to Roulette’s fire, Whisper becomes a full blown tornado when she hits the pole.

Big L (Morocco Omari)

Uncle Clifford’s mean-teddy-bear-lookin-ass right hand. The man who guards the safe and knows where all the bodies are buried—figuratively and literally. With the club under new ownership and new duress, Big L continues to carve out his own sphere of influence.

Duffy (Dominic DeVore)

The friendly neighborhood plug who moves weight across the country in his big rig. A true romantic with a heart of gold and a wandering eye, Duffy might be ready to settle down for good. But that’s much easier said than done…

Diamond (Tyler Lepley)

The Pynk’s strong, silent, and salty bouncer. While most of the ladies at the club might have eyes for him, there’s only one who’s captured his bruised and battered heart. But after finding himself on the other end of her gun, he’s learned an important lesson about saving damsels in distress. That moment, coupled with being privy to that bloody incident in the Paradise Room, have dredged up demons of his Ex-Marine past.

Derrick (Jordan M. Cox)

Abusive boyfriend and baby daddy to insta-famous stripper, Keyshawn, AKA Miss Mississippi. In the wake of the disastrous Murda Night, he struggles to change for the better.

Gidget (Skyler Joy)

Gidget (Skyler Joy)
Gidget (Skyler Joy)

The ultimate ride-or-die best friend, who always sticks by her girls through thick and thin. As a second generation pole dancer, she understands the highs and lows of the stripping world.

Ernestine Sayles (Loretta Devine)

Granmuva of Uncle Clifford and former proprietress of the club. Though she may be blind, she sees through the tangled mess of inherited injustice and contradictions that have long ruled the South.

Woddy (Bertram Williams Jr.)

Pronounced WHOA-dee. The grim straight-man and manager to Lil’ Murda’s flamboyant MC. Working at a funeral home, he’s seen a lot in his short life and holds a surprising wealth of knowledge about the world.

DJ Neva Scared (Brandon Gilpin)

A young and scrappy producer on the come-up. He’s an honor-roll student by day and a hitmaker for the hottest trapper rappers by night.

Big Teak (John Clarence Stewart)

A recently paroled member of Lil’ Murda’s gang—the Hurt Village Hustlas—reckoning with life on the outside. The two brothers attempt to bridge the chasm of time, but Lil’ Murda’s growing fame provides unforeseen obstacles

Wayne Kyle (Joshua Ventura)

The preppy scion of the pedigreed Kyle family and half-brother to Corbin. While his family’s future hangs in the balance with the casino, City Councilman Wayne will surely do his best to ensure the development comes to fruition.

Rome Caffey (Blue Kimble)

A slick-talking exec from Blue Guap Empire, the hottest hip-hop outfit in the game. As main manager to Keyshawn, he’s ready to take her all the way to the top.

Big Bone (Miracle Watts)

A rambunctious new presence at the Pynk blessed with a molasses-thick bawdy, knees of steel, and a tongue more lethal than a Draco.

Farrah (Shamika Cotton)

A talented artist in an unconventional marriage with COACH, Mercedes’ top client. When the two women meet, they strike up an unlikely connection.

‘P-Valley’ Cast Biographies

NICCO ANNAN (Uncle Clifford)

Nathaniel Nicco-Annan was born on an Army base in German to a black Southern woman born and a West African man from Ghana. Nicco, as he is affectionately known, was raised in Detroit, Michigan. Best described as talented and entertaining, Nicco is an impassioned spirit, who had a love for acting and dance from his earliest years. Ultimately that passion led him from Detroit to New York, where he trained under the iconic Director, Israel Hicks, at SUNY Purchase College Conservatory of Acting, and earned his BFA. Shortly after that, Nicco accepted an opportunity to be a Choreographer in Residence at the Yale School of Drama.

Nicco’s razor sharp wit and emotional accessibility have driven a varied career in the both Legit and Musical Theatre, as well as in Film and Television. His brand defies all of the traditional limitations. As a gay man he grew up in between the worlds of the “grand fantastical” gay scene and the rigid realities of being a big black man in America and the stigma that both can carry. However, it is those exact experiences that inform and bring texture to all of Nicco’s performances and, in particular, to the non-binary roles he has played. Nicco’s work brings the dignity and grace central to the common humanity of every character he portrays. He demystifies the myths around southern Black men, Black gay men, & those identifying in the non-binary space and the full lives that they lead.

Nicco Annan originated the role of Uncle Clifford in Katori Hall’s play, Pussy Valley, and played the character in numerous NYC stage readings, workshops, and the subsequent stage production of Pussy Valley at Mixed Blood Theatre since 2011. To date, he is the only actor to have played Uncle Clifford. While vying for his role on the STARZ network smash hit television version of P-Valley, he, just like everyone else in the cast, approached the role with an open and willing heart and the unrelenting spirit of the ancient Yoruba diety, Olokun. “Welcome to the Valley…!!!”


Elarica Johnson can currently be seen starring in Katori Hall’s P-VALLEY for STARZ, for which she is receiving rave reviews.

Previous to that, she starred opposite Theresa Palma and Matthew Goode in Sky1/NowTV’s A DISCOVERY OF WITCHES directed by Juan Carlos Medina. In theaters, Elarica was last seen staring opposite Nicole Kidman, Elle Fanning and Ruth Wilson in John Cameron Mitchell’s independent film HOW TO TALK TO GIRLS AT PARTIES which premiered in 2017 Cannes competition. She appeared opposite Ryan Gosling and Jared Leto in Denis Villeneuve’s BLADE RUNNER 2049 for Sony, and starred opposite Tom Burke and Holliday Grainger in J.K. Rowling’s mini-series STRIKE for BBC/HBO.

Previously, Elarica starred in the independent film THE FORGOTTEN directed by Oliver Frampton. She also starred opposite Aaron Taylor-Johnson and Imogen Poots in the independent film CHATROOM, directed by Hideo Nakata. Elarica made her feature debut in 2009 where she appeared in a memorable scene opposite Daniel Radcliffe in Warner Bros. ’ HARRY POTTER AND THE HALF BLOOD PRINCE, directed by David Yates. She also starred opposite Danny John-Jules in BBC’s DEATH IN PARADISE. Elarica was born in London, but has a perfect American accent.


Brandee Evans is an accomplished actor, host, and businesswoman. In 2020 she appeared as a series regular on the Starz network show P-VALLEY, in the role of “Mercedes” – a performance critics describe as “wonderfully compelling,” and for which she is considered a breakout star. The hit show enjoyed record-breaking premiere viewership and is currently one of the most popular TV shows being viewed on television. Brandee received an NAACP Image Award nomination for Outstanding Lead Actress for her work on the show.

Brandee’s additional acting credits include THE FAMILY BUSINESS (BET & BET+ 2020-2021), DEAR SANTA I NEED A DATE (TVOne, 2019), LETHAL WEAPON (Fox, 2018), THE BOBBY BROWN STORY (BET+, 2018), and GAMES PEOPLE PLAY (BET, 2019).

After graduation from the University of Memphis, Brandee began her professional career as Chair of the English department at Southwind High School in Memphis – her hometown. She went on to pursue Hollywood dreams, and landed a sought-after gig as a dancer for superstar recording artist Katy Perry. Brandee accompanied the artist on a world concert tour, and appeared with her on multiple television appearances and in music videos. A talented choreographer, Brandee went on to create for, and dance with artists including Monica, Ke$ha, and Ledisi, among others.

Brandee is the creator and CEO of the Hip Hop in Heels® fitness platform that focuses on the empowerment and encouragement of women. She enjoys a healthy lifestyle, and is a care-giver for her beloved mother who suffers from Multiple Sclerosis. Brandee honors her personal commitment to public service, and is a proud member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc.

SHANNON THORNTON (Miss Mississippi)

Shannon Thornton won a 2021 Gracie Award for ‘Best Actress in a Supporting Role on a Drama Series’ for her portrayal of ‘Keyshawn’ on Katori Hall’s inaugural television series, P-VALLEY for STARZ. Shannon was raised in a rural town in Connecticut, but grew up with a passionate appreciation for performance and big city dreams. Shortly after finishing school she moved to New York City to begin her career as a model, earning a living working in print as well on music videos, Shannon immersed herself in acting training and began to pursue more narrative driven work. Shannon’s work in episodic television includes notable recurring roles on Power (STARZ) and RISE (NBC), as well work on DYNASTY (CW), FBI (NBC), LAW & ORDER: SVU (NBC), BLUE BLOODS (CBS), and TIME AFTER TIME (ABC).


J.Alphonse Nicholson is an American born actor/percussionist. Notable credits include TV/Film:
upcoming series regular on P-VALLEY (STARZ), JUST MERCY (Warner Brothers), MADAM C.J. WALKER (Netflix), BLUE BLOODS (CBS), MR. ROBOT SEASON 2 (USA), SHOTS FIRED (FOX), Marvel’s LUKE CAGE (Netflix), TALES (BET), THE BLACKLIST (NBC), CHICAGO PD
(NBC). Other credits: Broadway: “A Soldier’s Play”(Private C.J. Memphis) OffBroadway: Signature Theatre’s “Paradise Blue”(Blue), “Freight”(NFT). Much Love to my boy, my girl, and my Nafeesha.

PARKER SAWYERS (Andre Watkins)

Parker Sawyers starred as Barack Obama in the indie Southside With You, which premiered at Sundance to rave reviews and was acquired by Miramax and Roadside Attractions. On the feature side, Parker’s credits include the Hong Khao directed MONSOON opposite Henry Golding, SNOWDEN directed by Oliver Stone, SAND CASTLE directed by Fernando Coimbra, GRETA directed by Fernando Coimbra and Universal’s THE MUMMY.

On television, Parker has appeared in leading roles in PBS’ WORLD ON FIRE, Epix’s DEEP STATE, and Netflix’s PINE GAP.

HARRIETT D. FOY (Pastor Woodbine)

Harriett D. Foy is an award-winning actress who has performed for audiences from Broadway to Dubai. She is a 2018 AUDELCO Lead Actress in a Play recipient, Drama League, Outer Critics Circle and Drama Desk nominee for The House That Will Not Stand by Marcus Gardley. Ms. Foy is the Board President of The Lighthouse Opera Company in NY, sits on the Board of Directors for the Al D. Rodriguez Liver Foundation, the Advisory Board for A Mile in My Shoes Inc and is Captain for the ‘Mothership Connexion’ Team on the Broadway Bowling League. Her Broadway credits include… “Amelie,” “Amazing Grace,” “The American Plan”, “Mamma Mia,” and “Once on This Island.” Harriett is the creator and star of My Soul Looks Back in Wonder, a one-woman play with music based on Slave Narratives. She made her concert debut at Merkin Hall in “The African American Spiritual” produced by B. Arts Presenter and can be heard on the Original Cast Recordings for Amelie, Amazing Grace, Lone Star Love, Reunion, and Inside Out. Her film/television credits include: COLLATERAL BEAUTY, WINTER’S TALE, BILLIONS, ORANGE IS THE NEW BLACK, RESCUE ME, LAW & ORDER and she voices the character of Miss Clara on WELCOME TO THE WAYNE (Nickelodeon). Ms. Foy’s MASTERCLASS is entitled “The Versatile Actor”

Harriett is a native of New Bern, NC, by way of Brooklyn, NY (PS 46) and Forestville, Maryland (Andrew Jackson Jr. High and Suitland Sr. High) …She is a proud alumnus of Howard University (Howard Player) where she received her BFA in acting.

DAN JOHNSON (Corbin Kyle)

Born and raised in Kansas City, Dan Johnson found his love of acting in local high school theater. After graduating from DePaul University with a BFA in Acting, he immediately booked a role on the MTV series UNDEREMPLOYED and continued to work steadily in TV with roles on CHICAGO FIRE, SWITCHED AT BIRTH, CRIMINAL MINDS and AMERICAN HOUSEWIFE. Dan has also appeared in a number of feature films. Most recently he was the lead of the indie feature SAFER AT HOME, which is now available on Hulu. His short film I WOULD NEVER premiered at the TIFF 2021 film festival and Dan is the star of the TV pilot PRETEND PARTNERS, premiering at SXSW 2022.

Dan is based in Los Angeles, and when he isn’t working, you can find him spending time with his family.

GAIL BEAN (Roulette)

Gail Bean is currently filming season 2 of P-VALLEY for Starz.’She is also in her 5th season filming the recurring role of ‘Wanda ’in FX’s hit series SNOWFALL.

She can be seen playing the role of ‘Adeah’ for the HULU/Freeform limited series, LOVE IN THE TIME OF CORONA.

Gail can also be seen playing the series regular role of ‘Gynnifer Green ’opposite Josh Hartnett and Bridget Regan in John Lee Hanckock’s drama series PARADISE LOST for PTV/ Anonymous Content/Spectrum. She was one of the final two choices for the lead role in Lena Waithe’s show TWENTIES for TBS.

She also recurred as ‘Nadine ’in FX’s ATLANTA as well as in Comedy Central’s THE DETROITERS as ‘Lois. ’She was cast as a series regular in the ABC pilot THE TRUSTEE, where she played the role of ‘Delana.’

Gail has previously recurred on HBO’s INSECURE as ‘Rashida. ’Her breakout performance was in the Sundance film UNEXPECTED opposite Cobie Smulders, in which she plays a pregnant high school student. She is based in LA.


Psalms Salazar was born in Texas , the third youngest of six children. Her father is African American, and her mother is of Puerto Rican/Native American descent.

She was raised in the small town of Orange,Texas, near the Louisiana border. Her desire to become an actress formed at a young age, obsessed with classics like Anne of Green Gables, The Breakfast Club and Secondhand Lions. The power of a movie can last a lifetime, in this instance for Psalms, it ignited the desire to be a storyteller. At the age of 21 she finally made the bold move from her hometown, to Los Angeles, where she has been vigorously pursuing the arts from the ground up. After 4 years of nonstop dedication, she landed her first lead role in the dark drama, “Girl Lost 2” a Hollywood thriller. Psalms’ outstanding performance as “Babygirl” revealed her incredible potential. Her unique presence on screen is guaranteed to captivate audience, whetting their appetite for more.


Morocco Omari is an American actor, screenwriter, producer, and director. The multi-hyphenate is a Chicago native whose acting career began in 1998 after returning home from serving in Desert Storm as a U.S. Marine. He may be seen in the hit series’, “Chicago Fire” (NBC), “Prison
Break” (Fox), “Homeland” (Showtime), “NCIS” (CBS), and “24” (Fox), but is best known for his role as Tariq in the drama series, “Empire” (Fox). Morocco directed the short films Good Intentions, (Mis) Leading Man, and Mission Mom: Possible, as well as wrote and produced the short film The Male Groupie. Theater credits include Pipeline, Intimate Apparel, Knock Me a Kiss, and Blues for an Alabama Sky. Morocco is currently a series regular on the STARZ Original drama, “P-Valley.”


Dominic DeVore is an Australian-American actor currently starring in the breakout role of ‘Duffy’ on the hit Starz drama, P-VALLEY. DeVore’s undying love of film and television was the one constant in a childhood spent moving back and forth, across the country. After a brief stint studying aerospace science in Denver, DeVore followed his dreams and moved to the city of cinema. He immediately immersed himself in rigorous training with LA’s top acting coaches and cut his teeth on indie films and commercials. Eager to expand his command of storytelling, DeVore took up screenwriting and filmmaking. An avid traveller, he joined actor Zac Efron on his journey around the planet, captured on Netflix’s DOWN TO EARTH—a series which DeVore associate produced.


Tyler Lepley is the male lead of the upcoming Amazon comedy series HARLEM, premiering December 3rd. Created by Tracy Oliver (GIRLS TRIP), and executive produced by Pharrell Williams and Amy Poehler, the series follows a group of four friends chasing their dreams after graduation from college together. Lepley stars alongside Meagan Good, Grace Byers, Jerrie Johnson and Whoopi Goldberg as the only male regular on the show. The actor is also a musician, with his song ‘Top Speed ’being featured in Episode 109.

Lepley is currently filming the second season of the hit Starz series P-VALLEY, created by Olivier Award winning playwright Katori Hall, reprising his role as the club bouncer ‘Diamond. ’ The show will feature several of his songs.

The Philadelphia native was discovered by a producer at a boxing gym in 2012. He enrolled in acting classes shortly after and made his acting debut on The CW’s 90210. Additional credits include Fox Searchlight’s romantic comedy BAGGAGE CLAIM with Paula Patton and Taye Diggs, and the lead role in boxing drama RINGSIDE. He was most recently seen on Tyler Perry’s hit series THE HAVES AND HAVE NOTS, which wrapped earlier this year after eight successful seasons.

JORDAN COX (Derrick)

Jordan Cox is a mutli-hyphenate, having had a blossoming career as a Professional tennis player before venturing into acting at the young age of 17. After a decade of credits under his belt, along with a decade of classes, Jordan’s currently a series regular on P-VALLEY, playing the up ended often misguided and turbulent Derrick. Cox also recurring on THE GIFTED and had stints on DYNASTY & THE OUTSIDER.


John Clarence Stewart played Simon, Zoey’s love interest, on NBC’s musical dramedy ZOEY’S EXTRAORDINARY PLAYLIST. He can also be seen on the Netflix anthology series WHAT/IF, opposite Renee Zellweger. Prior to that, he recurred opposite Alfre Woodard on both seasons of the Netflix/Marvel series LUKE CAGE.


Series info

  • TV Network: STARZ
  • Premiere Date: Jul 12, 2020
  • Genre: Drama
  • Executive producers: Katori Hall , Peter Chernin , Dante Di Loreto , Patrik-Ian Polk

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