First Kill (TV Series)

First Kill is supernatural teen drama streaming television series created by Victoria Schwab that premiered on June 10, 2022 on Netflix. The series is based on Schwab’s short story of the same name.

Cast of ‘First Kill’

Cast: Sarah Catherine Hook, Imani Lewis, Jonas Dylan Allen, Elizabeth Mitchell, Gracie Dzienny, Aubin Wise, Will Swenson, Jason R. Moore, Phillip Mullings Jr., Dominic Goodman, Dylan McNamara, Walnette Marie Santiago, Gail Soltys, Joseph D. Reitman, Rachael Thompson, Callan Wilson, Exie Booker, Christopher B. Duncan, Maddison Bullock, Damali Ross, Nathalie Hendrix, Diana Lovell, Adam Fristoe, Jim Devoti, Kayte Giralt, Jennifer Yun, Alex D. Jennings, Jesse Gallegos, Scott Rapp, Bill Winkler, Emily Brinks, Britt George, Dayna Beilenson, Africa Miranda, Demi Castro, Brett A. Newton, Lucy Catharine Haskill

  • Sarah Catherine Hook as Juliette Fairmont
  • Imani Lewis as Calliope “Cal” Burns
  • Elizabeth Mitchell as Margot, Juliette’s mother
  • Aubin Wise as Talia, Cal’s mother
  • Gracie Dzienny as Elinor, Juliette’s older sister
  • Dominic Goodman as Apollo, Cal’s older brother
  • Phillip Mullings, Jr. as Theo, Cal’s eldest half-brother
  • Jason R. Moore as Jack, Cal’s father

Juliette Fairmont (Sarah Catherine Hook)

Sarah Catherine Hook (Juliette Fairmont)
Sarah Catherine Hook (Juliette Fairmont)

As Juliette Fairmont, Sarah Catherine Hook plays a reluctant vampire heiress of sorts. For anyone not in the know, Juliette is a seemingly regular 16-year-old who mostly keeps to herself at high school. And she wants it to stay that way, even though vampirism runs in her veins. As for Hook’s past projects, she cut her teeth in horror and supernatural TV with roles in Monsterland and NOS4A2. And, most notably, she played Debbie Glatzel, whose boyfriend is the one possessed by the evil entity in The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It. And she was Catherine Allday Davis in Impeachment: American Crime Story; Catherine was a close friend of Monica Lewinsky (Beanie Feldstein).

Calliope Burns (Imani Lewis)

Imani Lewis (Calliope Burns)
Imani Lewis (Calliope Burns)

Imani Lewis plays Calliope Burns — the Romeo to Hook’s Juliette in this modern Romeo and Juliet for the vampire set. However, unlike Romeo, Calliope — who mostly goes by Cal — is not head over heels for Juliette at first sight — mostly because she’s a monster hunter raised in a family of hunters. Will the two go from sworn natural enemies to lovers? Only time will tell, but what’s certain is that Cal is gonna have a lot of explaining to do to her parents about the big vampire family in their new town. Speaking of, this isn’t Lewis’ first vampire rodeo. She played Gloria in Netflix’s Vampires vs. the Bronx (2020). But when blood-suckers aren’t involved, Lewis has also had roles in Eighth Grade, The Get Down, The Equalizer and The Forty-Year-Old Version

Margot (Elizabeth Mitchell)

(Right) Elizabeth Mitchell as Margot in First Kill.

In the role of Margot, Juliette’s mother, is Elizabeth Mitchell. She’s the matriarch of the Fairmont family. As supportive as she is of Juliette, she’s a stickler for vampire rituals and tradition, even if Juliette doesn’t want to partake in them. If Mitchell looks familiar, there’s a reason. Outside of playing Carla Limbrey in Season 2 of Outer Banks, she’s had quite a TV career over the years. Mitchell played Ingrid in Once Upon a Time and Dr. Juliet Burke on Lost. Plus, Mitchell starred as presidential candidate Senator Charlie Roan in the suspenseful third installment of The Purge franchise, The Purge: Election Year, as well as the iconic performance of Carol (future Mrs. Claus) in The Santa Clause 2

Sebastian (Will Swenson)

Will Swenson (Sebastian)

As one-half of another star-crossed couple in the series, Will Swenson plays Sebastian, Juliette’s father. Margot and Sebastian were not supposed to end up together, but, of course, they did. Could the same be said for Juliette and Cal’s relationship? Swenson also isn’t new to Netflix. He appeared in Chilling Adventures of Sabrina as Pan. He was also in The Greatest Showman as Philo Barnum (P.T. Barnum’s father at the beginning of that movie). But outside of his on-screen work, Swenson made a name for himself on the stage. He played Berger in Hair, earning himself a Tony nomination. He also took on the role of Inspector Javert in the Broadway revival of Les Misérables in 2014

Talia (Aubin Wise)

Aubin Wise (Talia)

Romeo and Juliet had the Capulets and the Montagues. First Kill has the Fairmonts and the Burns. Aubin Wise plays Talia, Cal’s mother in the family of monster hunters. She’s fiercely protective and firm when needed, especially when it comes to her children. But a mom who can stake vamps is the living definition of a “cool mom.” In addition to First Kill, Wise played Jayde in an episode of Atlanta and Vera in DimLand. And like Swenson, Wise has extensive theater experience. She took on such roles as Angelica and Peggy Schuyler in the Chicago production of Hamilton, starting in 2016, and she’s currently playing Peggy Schuyler and Maria Reynolds on Broadway.

Jack (Jason R. Moore)

(Left) Jason R. Moore as Jack in First Kill

Jack is Calliope’s father and a stern hunter leader at that. He runs a tight attack group, isn’t afraid to make the hard decisions and expects the most out of his kids. While their well-being is most important to him, he has the fate of monster/human relations in their town to worry about, as well. Moore is no newcomer to TV. He’s had roles in shows like Law & Order: Special Victims Unit and Kings. He also took on the role of Curtis Hoyle in The Punisher.

Elinor (Gracie Dzienny)

Gracie Dzienny (Elinor)

While Juliette is shy and not into hurting people just because she’s a vampire, her sister Elinor is the complete opposite. Gracie Dzienny plays the glamorous older sister, who loves the allure and power of being a vampire. Elinor has her moments, but she’s also very into what she wants for herself. As for Dzienny, she played Tina in 2018’s Bumblebee and had roles in shows like Zoo and Chasing Life. Dzienny also had a main role on Nickelodeon’s Supah Ninjas as Amanda McKay. 

Theo (Phillip Mullings Jr.)

(Right) Phillip Mullings Jr. as Theo in First Kill

Living in a family of talented monster hunters is tough on Cal, who’s just starting out. Theo is one of her older brothers and the brains in many situations. Of her two brothers, he’s the gentler one, though he still loves to take digs at his siblings. Phillip Mullings Jr., who plays Theo, has taken on characters in American Soul, Chad and more. He also has a main role as Mike Alexander in Tyler Perry’s BET+ series, Bruh

Oliver (Dylan McNamara)

(Right) Dylan McNamara as Oliver in First Kill.

Rounding out the Fairmont children is Oliver, the mysterious brother to Elinor and Juliette. Why he ran off will be revealed in time, but he’s viewed as a troublemaker and problem child by many involved. Dylan McNamara plays the elusive sibling. The actor also played Young Ray in L.A.’s Finest and appeared briefly in Euphoria

Apollo (Dominic Goodman)

Dominic Goodman (Apollo)

Just like the vampire clan, the Burns have three siblings as well. Dominic Goodman plays Apollo, Cal’s lively, silly brother who’s all about killing monsters. But don’t let his antics fool you into thinking he can’t bag a vampire when needed. This isn’t Goodman’s first Netflix project either. He appeared in Netflix’s He’s All That and was also in the series The Quad.

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